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mardi 13 juin 2006

Robertino, suite

Il y a quelques jours, j'ai posté une note sur Robertino, jeune chanteur en vogue, mais sans le connaitre. Voici les recherches de Michèle sur ce jeune homme; je vous les livre non traduites (flemmarde Syl ? Oui un peu aujourd'hui).
Merci pour les infos

Robertino Loreti Loretti   

     Robertino was born on the 22 of October 1947 in Rome, by Cinecitta' Studios, to a large family of eight kids which had to struggle to make ends meet. His real name is Roberto Loreti.
      When he was attending fifth grade, his father became ill; to help his family out, he found work as a baker's assistant and, during his delivery rounds among Trastervere's restaurants in Rome, he sung tunes out of traditional folk songs. He wasn't even 11 yet. His fresh and passionate voice used to strike all the listeners. During a wedding, at which he was present as the baker's delivery boy, he was invited to sing by an acquaintance of his: it was immediate success, a pleasant surprise for all the guests, who listened to him bewitched.
      From that day on all the traditional restaurants in Rome started fighting over his performances. Robertino was very happy, because he could now be of even more help to his mother. He soon became famous in his area and then in the whole city of Rome. He took part in the shooting of various films, among which "Il Ritorno di Don Camillo" with Fernandel and G. Cervi, and "Eroi di Sabbia" with Jeff Cameron and Richard Harris.
      As lead singer in his choir, he participated in the staging of "Murder in the Cathedral" by Eliot, put into music by Ildebrando Pizzetti and performed in the Opera Theatre , Vatican City, in front of the late "Papa della Bonta" John XXIII.
      The Pope was so touched by Robertino that he wanted to meet him in person.
      In that period, Robertino was singing in the Cafe Grand Italia, attended mostly by foreigners and famous people. It was on one of these occasions that he met the great Neapolitan actor Toto' and the Danish TV director Volmer Sørensen.


      Little did anybody know, that he was going to be a living legend... in the USSR of all places - as the biggest singer ever for almost 3 decades!
      It all started one late evening in 1960, when he was 13 years old... Or 12 - it seems like he at the time lied himself one year older!
      The Danish TV presenter and producer, Volmer Sørensen, on holiday in Rome with his wife, singer Grethe Sønck, heard an angelic voice from far away singing "O Sole Mio" and although tired from walking all day, they followed the sound - and there "Robertino" was, singing in an outdoor cafe and looking as charming as he sang.
      Sørensen suddenly wasn't tired anymore and asked the boy to take him to his parents - and only weeks later Robertino was singing in Sørensen's TV-show, "TV I Tivoli" in Copenhagen.
      Robertino, escorted by his father, went to Denmark.
     He was an overnight success! Although he was a liiiiittle bit unhappy with, that Sørensen had put him into SHORT PANTS - and he, 13 years old and Italian and everything, felt ready to try to seduce Grethe Sønck!!!
      Robertino recorded at least one album in Copenhagen with Otto Francker as musical director.
      Francker new, what he had in his hands - so he pressed Robertino to his limit. If he had any! Robertino at the time told me: "Otto and I are VERY good friends. Before we go into the recording studio - and when we come out!" In the studio it might have been pretty hard work for a boy that age - BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! Without those Copenhagen recordings, there would not have been any (famous) Robertino today!
      He was also awarded a prize only assigned to Beniamino Gigli before.
      Robertino kind of started HEINTJE singing too!

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